Prevent the war! – Stop Turkish invasion!

Prevent the war! – Stop Turkish invasion!

While the whole world is talking about Russia’s attack on Ukraine, another aggressor is already preparing the next war. For months already, there have been negotiations between the Turkish state and the state-owned Peshmerga units of the PDK, most recently in Antalya and at the security conference in Munich, to start a new war of aggression in Southern Kurdistan. The goal is to attack the forces of the Kurdish freedom movement in the mountains and crush them there.

But in order to understand this properly, we have to look a little bit into history and then also look at the developments of the last months. Since the beginning, the Turkish state – with the help of the entire NATO – has been trying to destroy the Kurdish freedom movement, because it creates an alternative model of society, as we can see impressively in the form of the self-administration of northern and eastern Syria. In order to be able to implement this, the Peshmerga units of the PDK have already been trained and equipped by the West for decades. As these kurdish forces subordinate to the Iraqi state, they are being used in a targeted way to try to fight the freedom movement. This led to the so-called “fratricidal war” in the 1990s; for at that time the PDK fought together with Turkey against the PKK. The final result were thousands of deaths and many people had to fight against their own family members without any results. Especially since then, the Kurdish freedom movement has been working intensively on a national unity of all Kurdish parties, in which parties from all over Kurdistan and from the diaspora participate. The only one that opposes and actively prevents these processes is the PDK.

Last spring, Turkey launched a large-scale invasion attack on Southern Kurdistan, which made headlines in the media ,mainly because the Turkish army resorted hundreds of times to chemical toxins. After failing to achieve success despite this, they then tried to drag the PDK into the war with them. In order to legitimize themselves for this, a so-called “false flag attack” took place. A car belonging to the PDK peshmerga was bombed, killing five people, and attempts were made to put the blame on the PKK. The situation was immensely dangerous, every moment the PDK’s entry into the war seemed more likely, which would have brought a devastating result. But the situation changed when people from all over the world went to South Kurdistan as part of a peace delegation. The publicity had suddenly become so great and so international that the PDK could no longer afford to enter the war. Eventually, reports were published that the attack on the car came from an airplane, which ruled out the PKK as the aggressor. The war ended soon after and the Turkish army had to withdraw from the areas.

But that this plan of invasion has not been abandoned as showed a few days ago by the statement of an informant from the PDK, which was published on ANF. Once again, preparations for an invasion attack are in full swing, with Kanî Masî and Heftanîn cited as the areas affected. They want to take advantage of the fact that the whole world is looking to Ukraine to carry out the plan that was thwarted last year. A war is to be provoked by PDK forces in PKK clothing murdering their own soldiers, by blowing up a pipeline that leads from Southern Kurdistan to Turkey and finally by detonating a car bomb in a town in Southern Kurdistan, killing several civilians.

These attacks are then to be blamed on the PKK so that the PDK is legitimized to start a new war. Therefore, we as Defend Kurdistan, which we founded last year in the course of the war as an international initiative, call upon you to oppose this war!

We call from the 9th of April on to actions against the Turkish invasion war!

We call on all people who oppose war to join us in the streets and prevent the next war!

Participate in anti-war alliances, inform yourself about Kurdish structures in your localities and follow the news!

Never war again!

Defend Kurdistan!

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