Galala Bombed by Turkish Drone

Today, around 7 pm, a Kurdish village named Galala, was bombed by a Turkish drone. Two people were killed, another one injured.

This is not a one-time thing, it follows a pattern of illegal Turkish incursion into Kurdish territory. It follows a pattern of fascist thought and action. The Turkish state, backed by NATO states like Germany and the United States, is an aggressor not only against its own population and all minorities but also against the Kurdish population throughout all of Kurdistan.

Today, just half an hour before this most recent attack, our delegation for peace left the village Kuna Masi. We were there to visit the family, who were wounded by another Turkish drone strike one year ago.

The mother of the family, who lost her leg in the 2020 attack, told us “They say turkey only attacks right at the border, and only PKK. But that is a lie. I am a civilian, I live close to the city, and they attacked me anyway. They do not care about human rights.”

Tonight, in Galala, just 20 km away from Kuna Masi, the drones struck again. So these genocidal acts from Turkey are continuing right now, using military technology from Europe, whilst the government from Kurdistan remains silent.
We call on people everywhere to condemn the Turkish attacks, to stop your governments selling weapons to that fascist regime, and, to our Kurdish brothers and sisters, join together against the invaders! Do not fight amongst yourselves! Right now, Turkey is doing everything to rebuild the Ottoman empire, so making divisions between Kurdish groups is EXACTLY what they want. We are here standing with you, and we are calling on the rest of the world to do the same. Biji Kurdistan!

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